Enrollment Details

We still have open spots in our ensembles so submit an audition form!

GVYMA has a guaranteed acceptance policy -- all students who want to make music with us have a place within one of our ensembles. In order to ensure that students are placed in the ensemble that will help them flourish, all members must complete an entrance audition. Students are then placed in ensembles based on skill level on their instrument, musical interpretation, and overall potential.

Please note that the audition requirements for the wind ensembles and the jazz bands are different. Be sure to prepare for the audition that you request. Students are welcome to audition for both the concert and jazz band programs as long as they perform both sets of requirements within their audition. If you would like to audition for both jazz and concert, please note this in your audition request and we will book you a longer time slot. 

Download the audition questionnaire linked below, and bring the completed questionnaire to your audition.

Wind Ensemble Audition Requirements

Woodwinds, Brass and Upright String Bass:

  • Two prepared contrasting pieces of your choice that showcase the best of your abilities.
  • Full Range major and minor scales up to 4 sharps and flats.
  • Sight Reading Excerpt / Rhythm Test.
  • Short interview.

**Note: in order to qualify for our most advanced ensemble (SWE) students may be asked to demonstrate fluency on all major and minor scales in all keys. 

Concert Percussion:

  • All percussion applicants are required to demonstrate their skills on mallets, timpani, and snare drum.
  • Any applicants having advanced skills in world percussion instruments or drum set are encouraged to demonstrate these skills as an additional part of their audition. Please indicate in the comments portion of the audition request if you wish to do so.
  • Sight Reading Excerpt / Rhythm Test.
  • Short interview.

Jazz Band Audition Requirements

For all instruments:

  • One big band chart excerpt
  • One etude or solo of choice(classical is acceptable)
  • Sight Reading & Rhythm Test
  • Short Interview

For saxes, brass, guitar, piano, bass, and mallets:

  • Full Range Scales up to 4 sharps and 4 flats

For Drums:

  • Three prepared samples of contrasting styles
    • Swing
    • Latin
    • Rock/Funk