Our Mission Statement

The primary goal of the GVYMA is to provide a creative, educational, and completely musical experience for young musicians. Via our success formula, the students are involved in a well-rounded, artistic environment designed to stimulate their musicality. 

The GVYMA also functions as a support system for music education in public and private school forums. As an active advocate for school programs, the GVYMA assists school teachers through clinics, collaborative events, festivals, and our mandatory enrollment clause. 

Formula for Success

The GVYMA is incredibly proud of its unique method that inspires young musicians to develop their artistic talents and skill. This model has been proven to inspire significant personal growth, allowing the students space to become whole-hearted, confident individuals.


    Music happens beyond the printed page. Going beyond the sheet music, we explore how to bring music to life through collective creativity and honest emotional integrity. Expression comes first in the GVYMA rehearsal rooms, which is developed through a trusting and comfortable practice environment generated by our highly-energetic director, optimistic coaching staff, and kind students. 


    Well-written music inspires natural musicality. There is too much music out there to play mediocre repertoire, so we program only the best. Exploring the staples of wind ensemble and jazz literature and contemporary compositions, the GVYMA ensembles each prepare at least 30 pieces to a performance level over the season of various levels and genres. Click here to see a list of all of the repertoire that has been prepared over our past six seasons.


    Every concert leaves an impact with each person involved: student, audience, and director alike. By bringing the repertoire together with meaningful, unified concepts, everyone leaves the concert musically fulfilled. GVYMA goes beyond the traditional concert experience by involving mixed media (light shows, video projections, off-stage surround sound staging). Our motto is our shows aren't just great; they're unforgettable


    Our tightly-knit team of highly qualified music teachers and performers work tirelessly to provide fully comprehensive musical experiences for our students. Our team of coaches work within each rehearsal to mentor the students on a continuous basis throughout the season. The mentorship the coaches offer helps to instill professional musicianship and work ethic in our students. This has contributed to our 100% post-secondary acceptance rate (every GVYMA student who has pursued music in post-secondary studies has been accepted to their school of choice with high regards).


The GVYMA is highly active throughout the year. In addition to weekly rehearsals, GVYMA presents at least 5 performances each year, travels to both Whistler and Victoria, and is involved in other collaborative events with schools in our catchment area.

Students are also eligible to earn volunteer hours by contributing to our behind-the-scenes teams (music librarians, media teams, concert planners, equipment managers, junior coaching staff). 

Non-rejection clause

We firmly believe that any young musician who wants to be a part of our educational system has a place with us. Therefore we have a non-rejection policy for any musician who wishes to join. If a student does not qualify for a specific ensemble, there is a home for them in one of the other ensembles or chamber groups more suited to their current performance ability – guaranteed!

For more information on this and our other policies, please feel free to contact us.

Mandatory enrollment clause

The GVYMA is a proud supporter of all music education endeavors, including elementary, middle, secondary, and post secondary music programs. Therefore all students who are members of any Greater Vancouver Youth Music Academy ensembles must also be enrolled in their school programsUpon registration, students sign an enrollment policy agreement stating that they will be enrolled in their school program for the entire duration of their membership with the GVYMA (unless extenuating circumstances absolutely prevent the student from being involved in their school programs).

For more information on this and our other policies, please feel free to contact us.